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SbA is the fundamental platform and linkage between the Federal Government and the Australian skateboarding community.

In 2005 the nonprofit National Sporting Organisation, Skate Australia (SA), established Skateboarding Australia to ensure the recognition of the unique skateboarding culture was nurtured with distinct branding and management that reflects the needs of Australia’s skateboarding community.

SbA, along with valued support from the Australian skateboard industry, is increasing overall awareness and participation opportunities for skateboarders in Australia through the delivery of regular, high quality and professionally managed events.

Skateboarding Australia seeks to be the agent of change, the vehicle which assists to propel and promote skateboarding’s positive, creative and unique lifestyle.

To embrace, connect , and unite this powerful community into action with progressive and original ideas.

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Hens Night Planing Tips

Organising a Hen’s Party

A hen night is a traditional party held for the bride to be before the wedding. There a lots of party options including an extravagant weekend away, a winery tour, a pamper day or cocktails at home.

Below are some planning tips we have put together to help make your hen’s party a memorable one!

10 Planning Tips

  1. Select a date.Are you going to have it a month before the wedding, a week before, the night before?
  2. Will your hen’s party have a theme?It is often fun to have a theme that relates to the couple – i.e. if the groom likes cook, all of the hen’s night attendees could dress up as “chefs” and have a MasterChef night.
  3. Decide the budget.It is important to consider the budget early when organising a hen’s night. Some people are not in a position to spend $250 for a day at the country races.
  4. Decide on who will be attending the hen’s partyThe number of people you are inviting to the hen’s party will influence the activity, the games and the type of hen’s party it will be. For example, a night organised at a new nightclub might not be suitable for the bride’s mum, mother in law, aunties and grandma.
  5. Decide what type of hens party you want to have.Click on the below tabs for ideas for different types hens.
    • budget hen
    • sexy hen
    • sporty hen
    • foodie hen
    • classy hen
    • virgin henClassifying your hen will help determine what activity you should organise (if one at all). For example, going to a posh restaurant for afternoon tea is a very different day to going white water rafting.
  6. Will your hen’s night be at a male strip club? For a amazing experience visit
  7. Games can be a great icebreaker. Particularly with a group that does not know each other well. Will they be “clean” or “dirty” games? Bear in mind any members of the hen’s party that may be offended by overly rude games. 2 or 3 games is the perfect number of games so it gives people plenty of time to socialise.
  8. Is transport required?Does the activity require the party to go from place to place? A Hummer or a limousine can be a fun way to travel between activities. Or is a minibus more the style.
  9. Sending the invitationWhen providing the invitation, give people plenty of notice, with a clear RSVP date and the cost of the party. No one expects a hen’s party to be free, but a clear cost leaves no surprises on the day. If the cost is unknown, it is worth stating something along the lines of “bring $100 to spend for dinner and drinks throughout the night”.
  10. PaymentIf you are the one responsible for collecting the money, keep an up to date record of which invitees have paid. And, make sure everyone has paid before the night.
  11. PhotosTake lots of photos to put up on Facebook to remember a fantastic night!